Embassy of Belgium in Australia

Student visa


Please submit personally (not through a travel agent):

1. Original Passport, valid for 15 months preferably. If you hold a passport other than Australia or New Zealand, please send your visa information for Australia/ New Zealand.

2. Two original visa application forms, completed, dated and signed. Your signature at the end of the form must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (JP). The JP has to place their full name, signature and their seal underneath your signature.

3. Two recent passport photographs (approximate size 3 x 4 cm).

4. Proof of having paid the Contribution fee.

5. Application fee. Fee: see Consular fees Long stay visa D. See Payment Options.

6. Pre-paid self-addressed return envelope (Express Post with 'signature on delivery' sticker, registered post or courier) or payment of postage.

Include 3 sets of the following documents (1 original set and 2 sets of photocopies). The originals will be returned to you along with your passport and visa. You will need them to register at the Town Hall in Belgium.

7. For students 21 and over: an original National Criminal History Record Check (Name check) not older than six months on the day you submit your application, delivered by the competent authority. This document has to be legalised by means of an Apostille. You can obtain the Apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia / Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand. See “Obtaining Documents” in attachment. Please note that a national criminal history record is required for all students over 18 who intend to study at a non-accredited institution. In the latter case get in touch with the Embassy as conditions and delays may vary.

8. An original medical certificate. The medical certificate should be less than 3 months old on the day of your application. The medical is to be undertaken by one of the designated doctors of the Embassy. See list of designated doctors. A blood test for syphilis and a chest x-ray for tuberculosis must be undertaken first, so that you can hand the results to the designated doctor.

If you live 150 km or more away from a designated doctor, you can choose a different doctor. Please ask the doctor to send us a letter on the clinic’s letterhead which states your name and the doctor’s full name and signature. This letter may also be sent to us as a scanned copy by email to canberra@diplobel.fed.be. The Embassy will then need to legalise the doctor’s signature. Fee: see Consular fees.

9. Proof of solvency

You have to show proof that you have sufficient personal financial means. For the academic year 2020 - 2021, this means: at least EUR 670 per month for the student. You have the following 4 options:

1. You can prove this by providing documentation that you have a student loan to cover this.
2. You may show proof that you are the recipient of a scholarship of a minimum of EUR 670 per month.
3. Proof of a blocked bank account held for you by the university in Belgium.Please ask the university to email us the Financial Certificate which shows the amount you will receive each month of your study.
4. A pledge of financial support for students  NL Dutch or FR French. This document may be obtained by the guarantor from his/her municipal authorities in Belgium. If the guarantor does not reside in Belgium, s/he may request the document from the embassy responsible for his/her country of residence. If you have problems understanding the Dutch or French on the available forms, please contact the Embassy and a translation can be sent to you.

The guarantor who signs this pledge of financial support must have adequate means of subsistence and stand surety for any costs incurred by the student in terms of health treatment, residence in Belgium and repatriation, for at least one academic year. The guarantor must have a regular income of minimum EUR 1190.27 per month, plus EUR 670 for the student plus an additional EUR 150 euro per month for each other dependent.

For the academic year 2020 - 2021, this means: at least 670 euro per month for the student.

Once this pledge of financial support has been authenticated by the municipal authorities (or the relevant embassy in the case of a guarantor who is not resident in Belgium), the original document must be submitted to the relevant Belgian embassy, together with a copy of the guarantor's last three months of pay slips, a copy of his passport and a statutory declaration concerning his family composition. Fee: see Consular fees – Legalisation).


10. An original letter of acceptance, or an email sent directly to the Embassy, from the University or the Institute of higher education where the applicant intends to study, certifying that she / he is accepted and/or registered as a regular full-time student.

11. If we cannot hand your passport back to you in person, a self-addressed prepaid return envelope (express, registered or courier);

Please use the CHECKLIST and include your documents in the same order.



Your visa is normally issued in a month. If there are complications e.g. offences mentioned on your police check, the processing time is around 3 months.

Please start working on your student visa at least 3 months prior to your intended travel. The normal processing time for this type of visa is one month  and gathering the documents is likely to take some additional time. 

Applications by students enrolled in an educational institute not Belgian government accredited are referred to the Belgian immigration office (Office des étrangers - Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken) for processing. The processing time is around 3 months. Please contact us if you intend to study at a private school.