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Exchange Student Visa

The information below is only to be used by students going on exchange with WEP, Rotary, AFS or YFU. For university exchange please consult the requirements listed under "student visa".

Please submit:

1) Two application forms* duly completed and signed. The signature at the end of the form must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. The JP has to put their full name, signature and their seal underneath your signature.

2) Two recent passport-sized photographs (3cmx4cm).

3) Valid passport, with a validity of 15 months minimum.

4) Visa application fee: See Consular fees document.

5) Self addressed pre-paid return envelope (express, registered or courier) or payment of postage fee.

Include three sets of the following documents, (one original set of documents and two copies). The originals will be returned to you together with your passport and visa. You will need them to register at the town hall in Belgium.

6) An original recent medical report has to be submitted, see Medical Certificate for Visa form. The medical exam is to be done by a Designated Doctor appointed by the Embassy. A blood test for syphilis and a chest x-ray for tuberculosis must be undertaken first, so that you can hand the results to the designated doctor

The Embassy will then legalize the signature.

If you live 150 km or more away from a designated doctor, you can choose a different doctor. Please ask the doctor to send us a letter on the clinic’s letterhead which states your name and the doctor’s full name and signature. This letter may also be sent to us as a scanned copy by email to canberra@diplobel.fed.be. The Embassy will then need to legalise the doctor’s signature. Fee: see Consular fees document.

7) Original National police clearance only if applicant is 18 or over, from all countries you have lived in during the past 5 years. The Clearance must be less than 6 months old. Please refer to the Criminal History Check information on this website.

This document has to be legalised by means of an Apostille. You can obtain the Apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia / Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand. See “Obtaining Documents”.

8) Financial support declaration, signed by head of the exchange organization, guaranteeing payment of travel, living, educational, medical and repatriation expenses.

9) Letter from your organization showing your itinerary and date of departure.

10) If you are under age according to your national law (Australians under 18, New Zealanders under 20), a letter of parental authorisation. Both parents need to sign this letter. The letter specifies the purpose and the duration of the stay in Belgium

11) Parent Consent / Financial Guarantee Form

Please use the Checklist: Checklist Rotary - Checklist WEP - Checklist AFS - Checklist YFU.


Your visa is normally issued in a month. If there are complications e.g. offences mentioned on your police check, the processing time is around 3 months.

Please start working on your exchange student visa at least 3 months prior to your intended travel. The normal processing time for this type of visa is one month and gathering the documents is likely to take some additional time.