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You can have Belgian nationality legally or voluntarily. You can also lose your Belgian nationality. This section will provide you with further information.

The Code of Belgian Nationality (WBN) contains the legal conditions relating to Belgian nationality and the Minister of Justice is the ‘guardian’ of Belgian nationality in general. The Nationality division of the Public Federal Service Justice monitors the appropriate application of the WBN.


Dual nationality

The Belgian Bulletin of Acts, Orders and Decrees of May 10, 2007 contains the Belgian Royal Decree concerning the date of commencement of section 386, subsections 1 and 2 of the law of 27 December 2006 regarding various stipulations (www.ejustice.just.fgov.be/cgi/welcome.pl). Choose your language: NL - FR - D. Introduce the date in Andere Inhoud - Autre Sommaire - Anderer Inhalt : 2007-05-10. Edition 1: ref: 2007009414.

From 9 June 2007 Belgian nationals who voluntarily acquire another citizenship will keep their Belgian nationality. If you became an Australian citizen on or after 9 June 2007, you did not lose the Belgian nationality. On the other hand, if you became an Australian citizen before 9 June 2007 as an adult, you have in all likelihood lost the Belgian nationality. The current law does not change this.

Any questions regarding acquiring Australian citizenship should be directed to the relevant authorities in Australia, i.e. the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). The website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship offers excellent information: www.immi.gov.au, or you can visit the citizenship website www.citizenship.gov.au. You may also contact DIAC by telephone for citizenship enquiries and appointments on 131 880.

Once you have obtained Australian citizenship, please forward us a copy of the certificate, so we may update our records.

If you apply for a new Belgian passport or identity card, we will request your Australian citizenship certificate, unless you have already sent it to us.