Driver's license

Information about driver's licence in Australia.

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The Embassy in Canberra cannot issue or renew Belgian driver's licenses.

In Belgium, only residents (both Belgian and non Belgian) who are registered with a Belgian local authority (commune/gemeente) can obtain a Belgian driver's license. In accordance with the European regulations, European driver's licenses are always issued by the local authorities in all European member states.

This is also the case in Australia and New Zealand where the state authorities issue driver's licenses.

If you are a Belgian citizen residing permanently in Australia or New Zealand, you should obtain an Australian/New Zealand driver's license. Please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles of your state for specific information. For detailed information, made available and updated by each state's administration, please click:

If you are using a Belgian driver's license in Australia when holing a temporary visa (tourist), you need to present either your Belgian driver’s license together with a translation, or together with an international driver’s license to be able to drive in Australia. In both cases you need to have your Belgian driver’s licence with you. Please read the information of the Road Traffic Authorities of the Australian states or territories that you plan to visit.