Biometric missions

Tentative schedule for the biometric missions for the year 2024.

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These dates and locations are still subject to change. Free entry into the state/country without COVID restrictions for Embassy staff is a prerequisite for the mission to go ahead. Due to the unpredictable nature of COVID restrictions, some missions may be cancelled or delayed on very short notice. The Embassy does not take responsibility for any costs you may incur due to these changes. 


Some consular services require an appointment in person, either at the Embassy in Canberra or during a biometric mission. To avoid the applicant having to go to Canberra, the Embassy organizes biometric missions, during which part of our team goes to another city for a few days and receives the applicants (by appointment only).

During a biometric missions you can opt for the following:

  • Application for a new biometric passport (only for persons older than 6 years)
  • Pre-registration of your data for a later application for a biometric passport (within the year)
  • Application for an eID or Kids-ID (only for persons older than 6 years)
  • Activation or unblocking of your eID (you must be in possession of your PUK code)

The Embassy sends an email with detailed information in a timely manner to all registered Belgians living in the region of each mission. 

If you wish to participate in one of these missions, you must send your complete application to the Embassy in Canberra, after confirmation of the mission, and before the deadline.

Please note, places are limited. We recommend that you do not book your flight/accommodation before you have an appointment.


The provisional planning of the missions is decided at the end of the year for the coming year.

We never visit a city more than once a year. There will be no mission organised in 2024 to cities which are not mentioned.

Preliminary dates and locations for missions in 2024 are published below. Please note that final locations and dates will follow later and that this list is subject to change.

Schedule for the biometric missions for the year 2024.



Deadline for applications


5-7 February 2024

30 January 2024


4 March 2024

27 February 2024


6 May 2024

26 April 2024


9 May 2024

26 April 2024

Brisbane September 2024 TBC
Perth October 2024 TBC


November 2024



The Embassy in Canberra needs to have received your passport application before the date indicated. If your application is late, you cannot be guaranteed an appointment.

Information regarding a passport application can be found here.

information regarding eIDs and kidsIDs can be found here.

The Embassy does not accept responsibility for your posted items. When you send us your application, you accept all responsibility.


Please consult the document below for the latest prices of passports and ID cards. Preregistration and activation/unblocking of your eID is free of charge.